Macrame Me A Necklace

A little jewelry project today.

Here’s the pin:


It is from but this was really the extent of it.  It wasn’t the best tutorial I’ve seen, so I’ll go into a little more detail because I had to kind of wing it at some places. Because I’m not a jewelry maker.  If I want handmade jewelry I will buy from my friend Faith at FC Jewelry Design.  She’s quality.  Check her out.

Whatcha Need

Yarn/string of your choice (i used two colors on string, silver and gold)

a chain (or two, i got one and split it, but you can buy two shorter ones)

a jewelry clasp

jump rings

wooden beads



So here’s what I did.

1.  First create a loop with your string and loop it around your thumb.


2.  Take your line of string and loop it behind your pointer, in front of your middle, behind your ring, and in front of your pinkie.


3. Loop behind your pinkie, in front of your ring, behind your middle and in front of your pointer.  Basically going the opposite direction using the alternate over/under.


4.  Now do Step 2 and Step 3 again so that you have two rows of string on each finger.


5.) Now take the bottom row of string and loop it up and off your finger leaving you with just one row left.  Now pick back up and Step 2 going behind your pointer and back down your hand, and back up so you have two rows again.  Keep repeating this pattern.  It will create a fall of macrame string.


6.  Once you do this until you reach the desired length, take all the loops off your fingers and place them all around your pointer finger to gather them together.


7.  Take the line of string and grip it with your thumb.  You are going to bring it up through the loops forming yet another loop.



8.  Tie a knot at the bottom securing the loop you just made. You can then cut the line from the balls of yarn/string.


9.  Tie another knot with the actual macrame part of the string making a big knot and then add your beads.  The knot in the macrame ensures that the bead won’t slide down your necklace.


10.  Now separate the chain you bought, or get the piece of chain if you got two smaller ones.  You want to use jewelry tools to bend the link open, loop it through the loops of string hanging out above the beads and then using the jewelry tool, close it back up. Repeat this with both ends


11.  Now take your jumping rings and using your jewelry tool open the jumping ring.  Put your chain and one side of the jewelry clasp in each ring and close them back up.


That’s it!

Now you have your macrame necklace!  You could follow the same instructions to make a bracelet as well.