We’re Baaaacckkkkk - Birchbox Style

So its been almost two months since we’ve updated our blog.  So for that we are sorry.  You know it’s summer out there!  Things to do!  Its wedding season so I was crazed with a bit of a wedding “rush”.  One of us had a trip to Vegas, the other a trip to the beach.  Plus you know, you hit that wall in Pinterest where you keep seeing the same pins over and over and over again.  So we decided to take a step back, enjoy some summertime and now we’re back and much to our happiness Pinterest has a new fresh crop of items we’ve been pinning to our boards to try.  But all that in good time, my loves.

Today I’m just going to do a simple non-Pinterest post about Birchbox.  Who out there gets a birchbox?  I’ve been getting mine since about March.  For those of you unfamiliar with it its basically a service you pay $10 bucks a month for.  And each month they send you a box with anywhere from 4 - 6 beauty/lifestyle goodies in them.  They’ve had Gossip Girl themed boxes, vacation themed boxes, etc.  Every now an then you get a stinker where the items aren’t TO DIE for, but generally I always get at least one GREAT item.  I definitely feel its worth the $10 a month price tag.  We also subscribe to Birchbox for Men for hubby.  When his next one comes I’ll have to do a blog up date to show what kind of items the dudes get.  Their subscription is $20 a month but they get bigger items sometimes.  Socks, shirts, a watch.

SO, today my July Birchbox arrived.  It basically looks like this.  Just a simple box:


Inside comes a card that explains what the products are you have received.  This month I got 6 products.  The box was partnered with Glamour to do the 5 senses.

* Jouer Tinted Moisturizer (touch/sight)

* Oscar de la Renta perfume sample (smell)

* Alterna Bamboo UV Color Protion for your hair (touch)

* Stila lip glaze in the color “lights” (sight)

* Larabar (taste)

* Birchbox exclusive earbuds (hearing)

So basically between the larabar, the earbuds and the Stila lip glaze I definitely got over my money’s worth plus the other little extras.  They send out multiple versions of each box so I’m excited to see what some of my friends get.