Dior Style Bracelet for Under 20$

At the very start of my Pinterest journey I saw this pin of a Dior bracelet that I absolutely adored.


The blog it came from was just a general “stuff I like” site, so I couldn’t find the actual bracelet and how much it cost, but being that it was Dior, I knew it was A LOT and out of my price range.  I’m more of a Target jewelry girl.

Anyhow, I do buy Dior make-up from time to time and one time I was at the Dior counter at Lord and Taylor when they were having one of their big sales and the sales girl gave me a little “D” charm.  I thought it was so cute so I’ve kept it tucked away for a few years not really knowing what to do with it.  I guess the typical use would have been on your key chain but my car is one of those where as long as the keys are nearby it unlocks with a button and has a push start so I rarely take my keys out of my purse.  So to put it on my key chain would have been such a waste.  So, when I saw this bracelet I thought “Wow, I could recreate that”.  But as I said in my Macrame Me a Necklace blog, I’m no jewelry maker so I was really skeptical that I would be able to pull it off.  I also am not much of a gold or pink person, so I chose different colors.  But nevertheless, I bit the bullet and gave it a shot.  So here we go.

Whatcha Need:

1 Dior style charm - you can buy a simple “D” charm at any craft store

Any other charms you want to add (pictured is a silver ring of diamonds but I ended up not using that and used a black flower instead)

2 strands of pre-beaded pearls in any color

1 small chain strand

small balls

jewelry crimps

1 jewelry clasp

crimping tools (although needlenose pliers work too)

1 spool of jewelry wire or fishing line (pictured I have the wire, but I ended up using fishing line instead)



First I cut my string of pearls and measured it for the length of my wrist.  Each end was open ended.

I took a few pearls off, added my charm and my black flower and then restrung the pearls I took off.

I then added my small silver chain to one end of the strand.  I measured my chain so that it would dangle a little. I didn’t want everything to be exactly the same length.


On that same end I placed 1 small silver ball and then 1 crimp.  I ran the fishing line through one end of the jewelry clasp I was using and then ran it back down through the crimp.


Pull that tight so it works its way down to where the pearls end and then using your jewelry tools or needlenose pliers, squeeze the crimp to hold the line in place.  Then you can cut off any slack.

Repeat this on the other end as well. 


This gives you a basic bracelet.


Then measure out your second strand of pearls.  I used maroon (they kind of blend in with my black desk).


Again, make sure you have plenty of open ended slack on each end.

You will repeat the steps from above.  Place a sliver ball on one end of the line followed by a crimp.  Loop the end through the loop on the jewelry clasp and then back down through the crimp.  Using whatever tool you chose, squeeze the crimp shut.

Repeat the same step on other end.

Now you have your second strand attached the the jewelry clasp as well.  Trim off any loose ends.

Now you have a make-shift Dior bracelet in whatever colors suit you best.