Canvas The Area…. In Pictures

Another craft! Yay!  And this one was super easy and turned out great. 

Here’s the original pin.  Its a DIY canvas print.  Now just as a disclaimer, this could never take the place of a real canvas print from a legit photolab.  But for some smaller pictures around the house with a more rustic look, this is a fantastic technique. It’s another project orginated at A Beautiful Mess.


Whatcha Need

- Canvases of your size choice

- Transfer medium

- Mod Podge

- Sponge brush

- Print outs of pictures

- Spray bottle of water

I changed things up a bit and did the entire tutorial in pictures.  Enjoy :-)







(this one said to spray water all over the picture, its hard to read, my bad!)




Scribble Scrabble

I’m one of these moms that can not throw away anything of my sons.  I truly believe this is how some episodes of Hoarders actually begin.  First pair of shoes!  0-3 month clothes!  First scribble!  First handprint!  The next thing you know you’ve got garbage bags of memories stacked around your bedroom set and a few hamsters are probably lost in the mix.  I have drawers and boxes filled with his old works of art and I have often thought of what to do with them.  Thank you Whitney at Squash Blossom Babies for an idea that I was actually motivated enough to try. 

Please gather ahead of time:

Old scribbles (I looked through these for an hour and eventually closed my eyes and threw my hand in the pile and what I grabbed got cut.)

A canvas or 4


Mod Podge (I prefer matte over glossy.)

Big foam brush

Scissors or xacto knife

Creativity (sometimes its hard to find)

If you have minimal patience when it comes to arts and crafts like me, spray paint your canvases.  Cut out a pattern for your shapes.  These are your baby’s finest accomplishments to date, don’t ruin them by going all free hand!  I used some old brown cardstock and cut out a simple tear drop (my son, who has no appreciate for my talents, thought it was an egg) and traced it over and over and over with no particular thought to what or where I was tracing.  For the other two I just cut out a spiral then cut it in two.

No matter how many times I use Mod Podge I am still always convinced it is not going to dry clear, I am not going to get the paper or fabric to lie right, and I am certainly going to ruin whatever I am doing, so I cheated and glued the tear drops down with clear Elmer’s first.  Then covered it all with Mod Podge.  I got over that once I realized it was not going to be easy to glue down the spirals first and did those the normal way (Mod Podge, paper, Mod Podge again).  Use your foam brush to spread it on as evenly as you can.  It does dry very quickly. 

Think of it as up-cycling, recycling, or just saving yourself from Hoarders’ Doom.  If you try this, please send pictures of your results.  I’d love to see them and maybe post a few more ideas for our readers. 

Pinterest Killed the Crayola Star

Hot gluing 80ish crayons to canvas in a way that they will not fall off takes more time then expected.

Attempting to melt crayons with a blow dryer outside while its 40 degrees is not effective. A basement is good.

Attempting to get a child engaged in arts and crafts, who normally would not be interested, by “killing” all of this crayons… also not effective.

After lunch today I am going to have to go by him all new crayons.

Silver and gold crayons do not melt.

There are more spiders then originally thought living in my basement.

Orange crayons are harder to melt then blue and red crayons.

Some brands of crayons, presumably from a chain restaurant, do not melt at all.

Melting crayons, also takes way longer then I expected. If attempting this, expect your arm to get pretty tired.